Vadde Obanna jayanthi

We were celebrated Sri Vadde Obanna 213th Jayanthi in a grand way at Nandyala, Kurnool district. We were happy to see the great response from youth of both Telugu states vaddera's and bahujan peoples. we thank everyone who attended and celebrated in the best way.. Let's know the info history about Sri Vadde Obanna the great freedom fighter who stood with brave heart against the British East India Company.Vadde Obanna is first freedom fighter to lead army with Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy.

FREEDOM FIGHTER SRI VADDE OBANNA Briefly about Obanna :  Sri Vadde Obanna was born in Nossam village to the couple of Vadde Subbanna – Subbamma .He was born on January 11th 1807. Obana’s father works as beadle in Nossam jamindars, he was very trustable person to jamindar. Obanna was childhood friend, close friend, valiant and chieftain to Uyalawada Narashimha Reddy. Obanna was good warrior and chieftain. In the palce of Renadu, seviour drought was occurred. At the time of seviour drought Bristish East India Company had implemented new rule “RAITVARI PADDATHI” Who are not paying hightax for their crops they are all punished by britishers.

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Voice Trust

To raise our voice for national intigrity, sovereignty and solidarity with the spirit of freedom fighters. To improve the human values especially in rural areas with the help of spiritual gurus irrespective of religious. Vadde Obanna Intigrated Charitable & Empowerment Trust. This trust commited to serve the needy & Giving encouragement ,aspring the youth to achieve the greater heights.