History of Vadde Obanna

Sri vade obana was born in Nosam village to the couple vade subbanna – subbamma .He was born on January 11th 1807. Obana’s father works as beadle in nosam jamindars house he was very trustable person to jamindar. Oban was childhood friend, close friend, beadle and solider to uyalawada narashimha reddy. Oban was good warrior. In the palce of Reynati seviour drought was occurred. At the time of seviour drought Bristish east india company had implemented new rule “RAITHU VARI PADATHI” Who are not paying hightax for their croups they are all punished by britishers. At the time of this worst situation obana grouped 10 thousand middle class farmers as soliders and faughter against britishers. By doing such things oban helped narashimha reddy and palyed a major role. Kovelakunta tasildar, collecting high tax from the farmers, no wages are paying to beadle families , and aslo stopped the money sent by government to narasimha reddy. Obana and narshimha reddy had theif the kacharina in kovelakunta village and distributed to 500 farmers.
In 1864 july 23rd near gidalur military people in the leadership of liptnet Watson made a battle with Narasimha reddy and obana . Narasimha reddy and obana won the battle. After that oban had sent their soliders to Mandlapadu.In 1846 july 24 caption nat(voluri), caption rasul (karnool) soliders had miggiled with liptnet watsons soliders went to Mandlapadu. And fought with obana and narshimaha reddy soliders. In this battle narshimaha reddy and obana defeted the british soilders and killed the kambam tasildar and went to kothakota through guthi, kanumagundam. In 1846 0ctober 6 near perusomula jaganadha Guta a war is planed to be happened. Britishers thought that if narshimaha reddy had to be prisoned. Then first obana should be caught. Then caption with their soliders had caught obana. After that narashimha reddy was prisoned. In 1847 january 19th W.D.A british specilal commisinor reported to send obana to Andaman, narasmiha reddy to be handged. On Monday 1847 feburary 22nd infornt of 2000 people narashimaha reddy was hanged and he was dead. In first independence meet 1857 had happened because of rebellion of soliders. But before 11 years in Andhra near place of ranati in opposition of britishers a battle had happened we know that obana and narasimha reddy had participated in the battle.We should not forget the life sacrifies of fredoom fighter which are strong pillars for our independence on august 15 1947. In part of independence. From Inspiration of SRI VADE OBANA. To serve the people on the name of vade obana with voice trust(VADE OBANA INTIGRATED CHARITABLE & EMPOWERNMENT TRUST).